Spring theater

Specific Feedback Requested

all feedback more than welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


This is a very beautiful image, with a very nice light and a strong composition.
I suggest a crop on the left side - excluding the totality of the last bark.

I don’t mind the shallow DOF - it usually attract the eye to part of the image, but in this case the focus lead the eye to the edge of the frames; I would had focus on the tree barks.

Nice spiritual woodland scene. You must have good forests nearby because you keep coming with such forest scenes. There is a DOF issue here as the plane of focus is on the closest flowers and the center flowers are blurry. I would have used a slightly more distant plane of focus.

I really love the mood of this, Ben. And I don’t have any issues with your DOF. It’s just lovely.

@joaoquintela , @Igor_Doncov , @Bonnie_Lampley . Thank’s for your suggestions about the DOf . But to me it is like Bonnie says not an issue.
And to Igor,it is just taken in a municipal park near my home. And there are many photo possibilities .
So I think I am lucky with that.