Stained Glass - Light and Water in Abiqua Creek

Stained Glass - Light and Water in Abiqua Creek

I have a healthy obsession with photographing water. This is one of my recent favorites.


TJ, I can certainly see why you have a healthy obsession with photographing water, if you capture shots like this one! I am enjoying it.

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TJ: the patterns are so uniform they resemble the erosion patterns known as tafoni—the empty spaces as concavities, and the highlights as the edges of the less-eroded surface. Well seen.

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Thank you @Shirley_Freeman!

So true @bob4! I have seen that type of erosion on the Oregon Coast but didn’t know much about it, so thanks for mentioning that and providing me with the learning opportunity. I had someone else say that it looked like Petoskey Stone.


Even if it were allowed, I wouldn’t have any nits, suggestions or even some constructive criticism. Love this as presented. Just very cool.

Always keeping an eye on the rivers and streams. I love the water too!


Nice image. Inquiring minds…:
The water was uniformly 6 -8 inched deep, moving slowly?
You focused on the tops of the rocks?
A shutter speed of 250?
TY for post

I appreciate that @Lon_Overacker! Once I saw this one in Lightroom I immediately knew it was the one out of the other 500 I took!

Hey @stevenm! Thank you! I don’t think I had my polarizer on for this shot. I frequently shoot water reflections stopped down and that’s what I was doing this day… so in order to a) get the reflection and b) gain shutter speed with more light I wasn’t using a polarizer. This was shot almost straight down with my Nikon 70-300 AF-P. The water was only a couple of inches deep and yeah I focused on the rocks.