Standing room only in Barnacle Hall

In many rocky tidal areas there are large masses of barnacles with some of these packed tightly together. In this instance I was fascinated by their ‘hatch covers’ that at first glance all seem much the same, but when viewed closely have wonderfully differing markings and ‘hinges’.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are very welcome. I’m not sure if this fits within the abstract category as the subject is certainly recognisable, but here it is anyway.

Technical Details

1/80s, f11, ISO 320
m4/3 43mm

Cropped, LR tonal adjustments.


Holy Cow!! Fascinating things, each with its own little symmetry! Lighting is wonderful and the subject so unusual! I love it!!!

Holy cow is right, Phil. This is amazing. I have never viewed a barnacle up so close. Absolutely fascinating. Nicely seen.

That is so cool. I haven’t ever done macro at the seashore and now I wish I had when I lived near an ocean. So right about the variation in the hatches. So interesting. Nicely done.

Really nice use of light and color in this composition!

A very cool image–there’s enough subtle blues that bring out the warmer tones. A good use of repetition for this abstract photo. I like this as presented…Jim

When I first saw this image, I thought: Scarab Beetles! Clearly, I was wrong. This is really a wonderful abstract, Phil.

Super nice, Phil. I never saw anything like this before. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Very interesting scene and nice pattern. I would just recommend warping the top left and right corners a bit to clean up those edges.

Phil, this is a great collection of repeated shapes, where the details are different. That adds very well to the overall interest.

Awesome abstract image Phil! Eric had some good suggestions on correcting the upper corners. Great repeating patterns and shapes in the image. It definitely has me guessing what the subject is. Great job!

Thankyou Diane, Linda, Kristen, Jeff, Jim, David, Shirley, Mark, and Alfredo for all of your kind comments.
Thanks Eric for the suggestion and your help. Your edit looks good and is a big improvement when I look at the two together. I must admit I had to look into PS Help to see how this works. Cheers.

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This is lovely, Phil! There is great detail and the pattern is very strong. The warping that Eric suggested works too, but I like it fine as it. Notice too how there is a focal point of sorts, in the upper left region where some of the barnacles are a tad larger. I often look for something to serve as a focal point in a pattern to keep the eye interested.

Thanks @brenda_tharp. I found it difficult to get a prominant focal point into that image as the scene as shown was amongst a large mass. Initially, it was a bit mesmerising trying to make sense of it. Cheers.