Starfish Extravaganza

“All Together”

Back in early 2020 I made my last trip to New Zealand. The conditions at this remarkable beach were gray, rainy, and flat, followed by one evening of clear skies… which was perfect lighting to photograph these guys that were all over the rocks! Most people come here to shoot the enormous, impressive sea stacks but I was perfectly content with looking downward with my telephoto lens instead.


“Breaking Blue”



Lovely photo! The colors and composition are fabulous. My only small nit would be to slightly darken the upper right hand corner.

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Thanks Tony! For which one? “Resistance?”

Superb photos @Eric_Bennett ! Eye popping colors and contrast plus appealing compositions. I really like the filled frame of ‘All Together’.

These are all superb, Eric but my favorites are All Together and Rockstars. I can see why you shot these instead of the sea stacks. I too would have been all over these. They are beautiful.

Gorgeous!! The first one is very special, with the colorful and clean frame-filling starfish.

@David_Haynes @Diane_Miller Thanks to all of your for your kind comments. I am glad you enjoy the series! I have a thing for colorful starfish (maybe because they are one of the only beautiful animals that don’t move at all) so I didn’t know if it was just me!