Stay together

When leaves falling down
When winter approaches
Let’s stay together

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more then welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D850, F4,5, 1/200, iso 800, 24-70 at 70mm.

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I really like the arrangement of the 5 trees and how they’re photographed at an angle. The proportion of branches to trunks looks good to be as well. For some reason I’m relating this to your countryman. He liked a lot of yellow in his paintings and his painted trees often were trimmed at the top with saplings growing up. Just like this one.

This scene is laid out very nicely, Ben. The diagonal placement and spacing of the trees works beautifully and I like the fact that I get a glimpse of the water in the BG as it makes for additional element in the image. I like the subtle quiet mood here with the fading autumn leaves and ground cover. Your haiku always seems to fit the picture perfectly and this one is no exception. No suggestions from me.

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A very nice one, Ben, and a familiar scene for someone from the same country :wink:
Although at first I thought that these were topped willows, in the full-size view I saw that the leaves suggest that these are small, topped oak trees.
Your image shows, that fall colors don’t always need to be spectacular to create a fine image. And I hope that the society will listen to you and will stay together in this weird period.

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I agree with both of these comments. Regarding color, I especially like the large expanse of brown leaves on the ground, showing this much of them adds to the end of season story for me. A lovely late fall image, well done Ben.

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