Staying together

The fog has gone but the beauty stays.

Specific Feedback Requested

As always , all feedback is more than welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

D850, F4, 1/60, iso 640, 24-70 lens at 70mm

This has such a wonderful diaphanous look to it. I guess it’s the light. I feel like I’m looking through the forest rather than at it. It’s like green veil. It’s like looking at a medusa and seeing it and its internals. Marvelous work. You must have great light in Holland. This is one of those images where if you used a polarizer a it would destroy its magic.

The light here is very nice, and your processing of luminosity does a good job of capturing the nature of the light. But me the most appealing part of this image is the elegant drape of the leave on the left side of the image. The tree has a very graceful look to it .

My only suggestion would be to darken the bright highlights in the URC where you have some sky patches. Dialing the exposure back in the URC would help keep the viewer more focused on the center of the image.

@Igor_Doncov Igor, I am very honored by your comment on this image.
About the polarizer, most of the time I forget to use it. Luckily now I did forget it also .

@Ed_McGuirk Thank you for this suggestion, Ed