Storm at Green River Overlook

I made this image several years ago in Canyonlands after being chased from False Kiva by the storm you see here. I saw it coming and knew I didn’t want to be caught in it so I hustled back to my truck. On the drive out I decided to stop at Green River Overlook since the storm hadn’t yet hit us. I had just enough time to set up my tripod and make two exposures before all hell broke loose. I grabbed my tripod, camera still attached, and dashed back to the truck in swirling winds and sleet. Well worth it, though!

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Epic! One of my favorite overlooks, even on a clear day.

Wonderful image - I am headed to Canyonlands at the end of the month and this is very inspiring - the mood of this image is amazing

Beautiful! Great capture of an epic moment in time.

Bret, this one works really well in B&W. The cloaking of the light adds to the covertness of the approaching storm…:sunglasses:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Very cool. We’ve got quite a bit of snow on the ground now and likely more on the way. I hope the parks are open when you visit but either way, make it a point to visit Dead Horse Point. It’s my favorite place in the whole Moab area.

Lisa, the location Bret mentions is excellent for overview photographs of the canyon below. However, be sure to have very warm outdoor clothing and mittens at this location. I spent 2 years in Alaska and was never so cold as the hour long photographing of the sunrise at DHPO one February years ago now…Brrrrr

Excellent image but it would have been difficult for me to leave False Kiva. Ron

Bret, This is really quite an amazing capture. Impressive view and conditions captured!

Love the monochrome processing here Bret. The comp and light are amazing.

I agree. It can be downright brutal up there.

Woof, this is absolutely incredible. In the rare case these images are captured, I find a challenge processing them because pretty much anything you do to them looks great - instead of using processing to “correct” an image, you have to think more about the artistic expression. Really nice job.

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Jealous of that atmosphere and light. Way to go, Bret!

Beautiful and dramatic image, Bret! Nice work and great story.

Excellent dramatic light. The river looks like a snake sliding away to avoid the storm.


Great seeing an image from you! Epic pretty much describes this and of course being there to witness this was the icing on the cake.


Hi Bret. Good to see a post from you. That overlook is my favorite spot in Canyonlands that I never miss. I love the drama of the weather you got. Good stuff indeed!

Hey Bret! Nice to see you here at the new NPN.

This is the best image I’ve seen from the Overlook. Wonderful place at any time, but worth any discomfort in the storm to get this image.