Stormy Hemisferic

A quick visit to Valencia for a family wedding and I escaped with my camera for a few shots.

I’ve edited my preferred capture in two different ways. Probably because a) I was on location (without laptop - so limited editing sophistication) and b) having waited a couple of weeks, my emotional connection / feeling from the stormy day feels more remote…

I suspect one will be received as more technically correct and the other more marmite… I think I personally may still prefer the marmite express edit, although it does lose too much detail in the FG.

For contrast however, I also include my first / shorter exposure shot, which was before the storm actually rolled in.

All and Any technical feedback appreciated - especially which you prefer

All and Any artistic feedback is welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

LE = 25" shot from underneath a bridge as rain came in from behind me. Lee filter system (ND grad and I think I had the polariser on)
SE = 1/6"

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I prefer #3, your “first shorter/exposure shot” but with some darkening of the sky. #2 foreground is too dark for me and dominates the image (on my monitor, anyway). I like the sky better in #3 over #1 better. Your choice of B/W is excellent.

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Thankyou @Jim_Gavin, much appreciated