These mills build in 1627 are called " strijkmolen". Made to take the to-much of water from one place"boezem" to another “boezem”.

This image I made in 2015 when there was some snow with christmas.

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?All feedback is more than welcome

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Lovely winter scene with the snow and frost everywhere. Tough looking exposure with the sun out. I would’ve liked some more highlight control as the blown out areas are quite obvious and well defined. I sometimes use cloning and diffusion to make that transition from blown highlights to proper exposure less obvious.

Love this Ben. The light, colors and the classic winter scene. Little to be critical of here for me. I would lose the bird and I am wishing for a tad more breathing above the blade (or whatever that piece is called.) Just a bit of extra tension introduced with it being so close to the edge.

I don’t mind the bright part of the sky - after all, it’s the sun.

Excellent composition too.


A fine image that brings to mind some of Van Gogh’s work.

@Lon_Overacker, Lon, I am glad that you can value my sun witch is not blown out. And the piece is called “wiek”.

@Igor_Doncov, Thank you Igor for this fine comment.

@Kah-Kit_Yoong, thank’s for your comment.