Sub-zero Commitment

I shot this photo while on the Beaverhead River in southwest Montana in sub-zero weather. I decided over the last couple months I wanted to start attempting some B&W processing on certain images. I thought this may be a good one to start with, due to the high contrast of ice on black hair.
Canon 5DIII, Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 II @ 100mm, f5.6, 1/50, 800 ISO, handheld.

Cool! (pun intended…) Love the frosty hair on your lab, Doug. The intensity of it’s gaze looks good also. Your processing looks good with very rich dark tones that show much better in the large view.

Hi Doug,

Your BW treatment of an icy Labroador retriever came out nicely. I like this one as presented…Jim

I wouldn’t change a thing, and in fact BW is the best possible arena for this image. Add some color, and the impact of the ice and that great face would diminish.

This turned out great. The B&W choice was a very good one. I might burn down the branches to the right and above his nose, but minor stuff. Looks really good.

Thank you for the input everyone! I do agree Harley, with the light colored branch, now that you point that out. I think I will just darken it a tad bit and see how it looks. I don’t know a thing about processing B&W, but plan on learning about it.
Thanks again!

Excellent image, Doug. Welcome to NPN. I really like your dog’s expression.