Sugar Hill Sunset

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My favorite sunset location in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is from a field in the town of Sugar Hill. Even though they are named the White Mountains, it’s not every year that the mountains are snow covered during the peak of fall color. This sunset was made during some very dynamic weather conditions, about 15 minutes before taking this shot I experienced near white-out conditions from a blizzard of snow flurries. I decided to wait it out, and was rewarded with these dramatic clouds and lighting . This is a composite of two exposures blended for dynamic range.

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Ed, from the sounds of the earlier weather you had this is an extremely calming and peaceful scene at this point. Some nice undulating hillsides to add to the serene feeling too…:sunglasses:

Ed, This is really nice! You ended up with some great conditions by waiting out the blizzard. The light is wonderful and I like the colors a lot too. Beautiful image!

Beautiful sky and color. Well worth hanging out.

Definitely worth the wait. Great sky, and nice color.

Ed, this reminds me of a painting, really nice work!

@Paul_Breitkreuz, @Harley_Goldman, @Nick_Bristol, @Preston_Birdwell, @Alan_Kreyger, thank you all for the comments. This was one of the more dramatic sunsets I’ve experienced, you gotta love weather fronts that are blowing through, they usually make for the best conditions.

I know this place well and I have to say it is my favorite sunset location in the White Mountains as well, Ed. The light is gorgeous and well worth waiting out the snow flurries. The drama in the cloud laden sky is fantastic as is the interplay of light and shadow in the mountains. Beautifully done.

Don’t you love those kind of moments? I really enjoyed the story behind this capture, lovely, moody light and a photographer with the stones to keep at it till he got what he wanted…well done.


I’ve been away for a couple of days, so I saw the two images in “reverse order”. I like the other one more, this one is more “subdued”. They definitely have to be seen in the order that you posted them!