Summers Remnants

I wanted to make an image of the lake in winter with remnants of summer. I could not seem to get an ICM that combined these well in the same image so I made two images and combined them (my first composite/layered image…slight learning curve for me in photoshop, normally I primarily use lightroom)

Specific Feedback Requested

all welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
25mm f/11 1/8 sec iso 100


It reminds me of summer at the shore. I like the understated colorsand softness of the reeds.

Wonderful, Mario. Nice soft colors and composition. It reminds me mostly of a summer evening. Very nicely done.

This is very beautiful and creative. The colors coordinate well and I like the land in the background.

This looks really nice, and I think you did a great job with it. It definitely reminds me of the feeling of being on the beach on a warm summer evening.

Lovely, with soft colors to go with the soft subject!

Almost every ICM I do profits from a stack combining a “similar” in a blending mode. Not sure how you combined the two here, but I love the result!

Mario, what clever idea to composite two ICM images together, the results turned out great for you with this approach. The cattails having this superimposed look creates a 3D feeling that is often lacking in standard single shot ICM’s.

I also think the 50/50 horizon works well in this composition, perhaps because of the warm / cool color contrast in the top vs. bottom half.

I really like this and you have given me ideas about how to do something similar - thank you for sharing the image and your vision for this image. Thanks!

THank you @Diane_Miller @Kris_Smith @linda_mellor @Tom_Nevesely @Ed_McGuirk @amy10 for all the kind comments.