Nikon d850, 105 mm, tripod, f4 , 1/320 sec., 9 focus stack.
The first focus stack I have done. Why this was a mystery to me for so long - I don’t know - total fun! Gnats and evidence of other critters deliberately included. !


Just beautiful, Kathy. I just love that one leaf pointing out from the sunflower. the background is really nice. I love everything about it. I have yet to try focus stacking, but Mark sure encouraged me to give it a try in his Macro Workshop last week. Maybe I will have the chance and time to give it a try.

PS: Getting late for me and I am tired. If this sound like I critiqued, I didn’t mean for it to. It is a lovely image and I sure wouldn’t change a thing.

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Thank you for the complement and it doesn’t look like a “critique” to me! I just posted in this forum because I wanted to post a bigger file because of all the little details in the file.

I had attempted to focus stack before but never was successful. I saw a presentation on focus stacking with PS and it all made sense. When I got the file stacked and had a problem with a small area out of focus, I was able to pull up my original files and mask in a sharp area.

Anyway, I saw this flower in my garden and just knew I had to stack it to get the details that would show all those little bits in the middle. That was the motivator. That flower.

I’m thinking of making a creative version with a different background. Started on that late this afternoon and shortly decided that I had had enough computer time today. Will post if I get it done. I have a picture in my head but whether I’ll be able to execute is another story

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Beautiful photo Kathy. . .and the stacking is superb. Really nice job. I’m glad you left in the creatures behind the sunflower, just adds some interest and fun.

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Really nice framing, composition of leaves and open space, out of focus background, and fine details. So much to like. I did not expect to see blue in sunflower flower parts, but there it is!

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Just lovely softness on the BG, and the flower is so detailed against it. The yellows are very well handled, with wonderful tonal detail, and the lone leaf is a great touch!

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Kathy, I just love this image! I like that some petals are bent as well as the the leaf. It all looks very natural. The stacking is a great success…glad to hear you did it in Ps. Flower center is so sharp too. Beautiful!

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