Sunrise at Crews Lake, FL

I’m not really a fan of sunrise/sunset images but this one caught my eye this morning. I especially liked the small reflection in the water which allows the eye to move around a bit more in the image I think. Just got lucky that a flock of birds happened to be passing through at the time. Olympus E-M1 MK III with 40-150/2.8 @ 150mm, 1/400, f8, ISO 200.


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Hey Steve,

This photo really caught my eye. I think we all underestimate the power of a sunrise / sunset photo to elicit an emotional response. The sun is so important to our lives on earth and I think we all recognize that making us want to see the sun, but we only get to “see” it during sunrise and sunset which is why I think we as photographers photograph it so much during those times.

In this photo in particular, I feel that the FG is to heavy and not much is going on there. What I do like is are the crepuscular rays emanating from the top of the cloud. I wish there was more of that on top and less of the FG on the bottom. The birds are great lucky catch.

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Thank you Yousseff for your astute critique. I too wish there was more rays at the top but the only thing above the rays was a bright distracting band of clouds which I cropped out. Maybe I should add the uncropped version to the discussion?

Beautiful sky and foggy mood. Like @Youssef_Ismail, I am finding the foreground too heavy. For me, it is more of a distraction than an enhancement in the scene. A pano cropping leaving just enough to anchor the image works for me. Beautiful capture.

This image has a lot of wonderful elements within it. But I agree with @Youssef_Ismail and @Harley_Goldman that a pano crop eliminating the bottom would do a better job of accentuating those attractive elements. I could also see very gently dodging the ground fog to enhance that. I might even dodge the rays and birds to bring them forward a little too.

This image has lot of potential with everything it has going for it, and is well worth doing some processing tweaks.

Truly wonderful photo Steve. I really like the layering and also the mistiness of the scene. The colors and composition couldn’t’ be better, in my opinion. Nice capture.

Thanks for all the feedback gang. I thought about some of the suggestions and stretched the top of the image and compressed the bottom. Wondering if this is a better composition.