Sunset Moceanscape

A seascape motion blur shot of the ocean at sunset. This was straight out of camera, and no edits done… that’s how orange the sky was!


Hi Harrison! Welcome to NPN! This is a beautiful abstract. Your motion blur technique is very effective. Not to mention using such a beautiful sunset as a subject. Very nice job! It would be helpful for the viewers if you posted the details of your camera and settings - things like ISO, aperture setting, shutter speed and any special post processing. This gives us a better foundation to review and provide feedback.

Again, welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

Harrison, welcome. I’m in agreement with @Steve_Kennedy about settings. It would be interesting to see this in horizontal, though I tend to prefer it as posted. Look forward to more.

Will do! Thanks for the advice

Harrison, this is a very effective abstract. When I first glanced at the smaller thumbnail, I thought this was a “cloud-scape” only until i read your description of the image. The In-Camera-Movement you used to create the blur, creates a wonderful abstract image here. Nice bit of thinking on your part to come up with this idea.

My only suggestion for improvement relates to the darker band at the very bottom of the image. This darker area is somewhat out of context with the rest of the image, which is otherwise very light and airy feeling. I might try cropping away some or all of that darker area to maintain the overall light mood of this image.

Really nice image! I can’t see anything I’d change, and really love the emotion it contains.

Very nice work here! Love the creative abstract as well. I, like a few others above, also do wish I could see it in horizontal. Ive tried images like this and would definitely like to learn more about the shooting. Settings/tripod/panning, etc would be appreciated :slight_smile:

One of the best abstracts I’ve ever seen. Easy to figure out, but also with the pureness and simplicity that makes abstracts so attractive.

Yes these shots are difficult indeed! I shot tjis at 1/10 a second at iso 200, f/16

Thank you tony! I am a 14 year old photographer, and fairly new to the world of photography so it means a lot :slight_smile: