Sunset on Neptunian Ocean

![Sunset on Neptunian Ocean]

I was hoping to capture a water drop plume but instead captured the resultant waves. Of the hundred or so water drop photos I took that day I liked this one the best, even though it wasn’t the image I was hoping to capture. A happy mistake!

Technical Details

Composite: No
Nikon D750, Sigma 105mm macro lens, Nikon SB-500 speed light, ISO 1600, f-38. This a single image, heavily cropped. The temperature was changed to enhance the reflection of the flash.

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Welcome to the NPN community, James. This is a “happy mistake.” A nice surreal feel to the water drops. Great idea. Enjoy the adventure.

James, this is a very nice image that has to be enlarged to fully reveal its beauty. I would hope for that my mistakes will be of this standard!