Sunset Reflections

Blue skies and sunlight bouncing off the bluff wall are reflected onto the rivulets and pools made by the ebbing tide in the black sand on Clam Gulch Beach, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Technical Details

EF 28-70mm @ 70mm; f/22 @ 1/50 sec, ISO 100


Very unique and fascinating scene!

Thank you Eric. I had the beach to myself with lots of time, while waiting for the sunset, to explore and was pleasantly rewarded with this composition.

Great image Bob! I love the patterns in the image. Sort of feels like ink spilled. Great work.

Thank you, Alfredo. The black sand was critical to render this composition effectively.

Great shot Bob! When I first looked at the thumbnail it seemed a bit unbalanced, but once I opened up the image it works really well. Cool thing to find and photograph.

Thank you, Cameron. In the thumbnail one cannot “see” the black within the reflection areas which is what I believe creates the appearance of imbalance. The larger version portrays the black within the area of reflection enough to achieve better balance.

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This is fascinating and so well captured! Striking yet incredibly unique

Thank you, Benjamin.I had a lot of fun in the field capturing this and even more fun in processing it so interested parties can enjoy it too.

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