Surprise Glacier Alaska

Surprise Glacier Alaska
(Gary Randall) #1

Surprise Glacier Harriman Fjord, Prince William Sound near Whittier Alaska. This shot was taken on one of the days that we spent during my annual Alaska tour/workshop this last August. Alaska is incredible.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D810 - 70-200 VR II - Handheld - 105mm - 1/640 sec - f/8 - ISO 250
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This is a single Raw exposure adjusted in Lightroom.

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(Anil Rao) #2

I like how the 70-200mm lens has compressed the scene, thereby exaggerating the zig-zag flow of the glacier and making the mountain appear more formidable. A very dramatic image that really captures the essence of the Alaskan landscape.

I am curious to know why this glacier has been named “Surprise Glacier”.

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(Bill Fach) #3

Gary: Reminds me of the moody scenes we were treated to on our 2017 trip. I didn’t see this particular glacier so this is a nice treat. Love the color palette and the light and comp. :+1::+1:>=))>

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(Gary Randall) #4

Hello Anil. The glaciers in the Harriman Fjord were named during the Harriman Expedition in 1899. Surprise Glacier got its name when the Harriman Expedition sailed through a narrow passage and discovered the massive glacier on the far side. I must assume that they were surprised to see it. :wink:

It’s well worth a day trip out of Whittier into the Prince William Sound to see these glaciers, the surrounding landscapes and the animals, black bears, seals, sea lions, whales, otters eagles… etc. It’s a part of my Alaska tour/workshop each August it’s so epic.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. :slight_smile:


(Gary Randall) #5

Hi Bill. Thank you. Did you tour the Prince William Sound on your trip?