Surreal Moment

This is an older image that I took back in 2012 near Silverton, CO. This was a surreal morning with fresh snow on the peaks and the fog moving through the Animas river valley. I normally avoid including man-made structures in my images, but in this case I feel like the cabin lends a sense of scale to the image.

All comments and critiques are welcome!

Image Capture:

1/80 sec @ f/16
ISO 200

Image Processing:

Primarily TK’s luminosity masks to adjust image contrast.

Great image, Brian. Nice layers and good depth. The cabin works and provides a presence of man in the wilderness element for the photo, although some could say it is a distraction to the grandeur of the scene. Love the stone peaks cloaked in clouds and mist settling in the valley. Bet it would pop more with a white border.

Great image. Love the cloud enshrouded peaks with the fall foliage. The cabin on the hill really adds to the image IMHO.

This is a lovely image Brian, and certainly does a great job of capturing the feel of autumn in Colorado. And the composition is very well balanced. I too was visiting the Silverton area in the fall of 2012, I might have run into you without even knowing it.

First, I am a sucker for fog, it adds such a nice mood to this image. I also think including the cabin adds a nice touch to the story in this image. I would suggest some localized dodging to enhance both of these elements, as well as dodging the yellows of the aspens. Here is a rework illustrating the direction of these suggested changes.

Thanks @Ed_McGuirk - I really like the edits that you made. I haven’t had time to revisit this image but I will keep your suggestions in mind when I circle back to it.