A collapsing structure, surrounded by a very large ranch, has fallen prey to the elements. Clearly well-made and otherwise structurally sound, save for the roof. It has been abandoned.

Technical Details

EF 70-200mm @ 200mm; f/8 @ 1/800 sec, -0.67 EV, ISO 100


I often marvel at how some structures just seem to give up so much more easily than others. Construction and luck, but it can be weird weather, too. Once while photographing an abandoned house a man rolled up in a car who happened to be the owner. I’d noticed that the nearby barn was flat and he said a tornado took it, but left the house. They’re a few hundred feet apart. Amazing.

Thank you. I have also seen examples of what you are describing. I haven’t found the right setting and arrangement to be able to make an appropriate composition. It will appear when I’m least expecting it.