Was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of photos that I had seen from this location over the three years I have stayed in Germany, so last August when I first visited it, I was blocked down by all the compositions that I had seen and was almost going into the rabbit hole of copying them. But then I put on my telephoto lens and zoomed in on the mountain face to find the light interacting with it in a special way. It especially reminded me of the dragon Syrax on the poster of the new series “House of the Dragon”. Fantasy is a huge inspiration for me and this fell right on my lap.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback on editing or otherwise is welcome. Just want to have Sarah’s opinion on it.

Technical Details

ISO 100, 227mm, f/11, 1/10s


(The colors ended up very saturated in the example above! That is unintentional on my part. Pay attention to only the crop.)

Hi Subhasish – I do not have any knowledge of “House of the Dragon” and take a pretty literal approach to nature photography so I will just go with that even though I am missing your context and inspiration. I do love the strong pink mountains and mix of lovely shadows, although I might want to see a tiny bit more blue in those shadows. I also like the texture and lack of context in terms of the scale (I think this is a big mountain but it could also be a small, interestingly textured rock…).

One thing catches my eye as compositional black hole: the deep, dark shadow on the left edge. Because it is so dark and so different, it pulls in all my attention but I am not sure it adds to the viewing experience. If you could brighten that up and make it a bit more consistent with the other shadows in the frame, I think it would work fine as part of the composition. With the dark section as is, I was tempted to go towards a crop, as suggested below. This simplifies the scene and makes it feel more balanced to me.