Tall Pines in the Mist with Edit

This was shot the same morning as Channel Marker #6, though much earlier. The mist/fog was so thick I had to set the camera, wipe the lens, cover, make my exposure adjustments, uncover and make the exposure.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500, 17-35 @35mm, f/9, 1/250, +.67 EV, ISO 320

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I like the light, image and mood but the cutoff tree on the left is not quite working for me. I pulled it into PS, cropped and did some super quick and dirty content aware fill. Not sure if it would work for you but you get the general idea of where I was headed.


I tried that but wasn’t sure…edit looks good to me.

Well, the edit idea looked good but like you said, it was a quick and dirty…here’s the edit I just did.

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The soft light is really sweet and the fog creates a nice sense of depth in the image, as the trees recede and disappear into the mist. I also think you nailed the processing here too, with a very appealing luminosity and white balance.

In terms of composition, I find this image to be much simpler, cleaner and effective as compared to the Channel Marker image. In this comp you make a much more direct statement about what you want the viewer to be looking at. The separation of the central tree, and the glow around it make a very powerful subject. I also like that the surrounding trees are of different heights, so they clearly become supporting elements. In the Channel Marker image the trees were more similar, which tended to make the image somewhat busy for me.

I think the left crop by @Harley_Goldman helps. It’s not only that the treetop is cut off, but also that the trunk is a strong line that is both close and parallel to the frame edge . This calls more attention to that area than it deserves, and I think Harley’s crop helps to minimize the issue.

But with that said, this is a great image with some nice impact.

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I agree with everything @Ed_McGuirk’s wrote. This is a very fine image.

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I really like the balance of the rework. This has a central subject, backlit by really nice, soft light and there is no guessing what the main subject is. This is a very appealing image with incredible light, mood and atmosphere.

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Wonderful subject in amazing light – all said above! My first thought was to wish for either more or less on the left edge. The edit is a wonderful improvement.

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I am loving the atmospherics and mood in this image, Chris! The pines look so graceful as they wait for the sun to burn off the morning fog. You nailed it with the repost when you added the extra canvas on the left side. Beautifully done IMO.

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