Tangle forest, Olympic National Park, WA

Technical Details

Sony a7RIV, 24-105 f/4 at 48mm, cropped from original. 1/4 sec, f/11, ISO 400. 3 image focus stack in PS. Processed in LR with lots of masks for D&B, contrast, exposure, etc. Finalized in PS.


A neat little scene for sure. Good on you for remembering to do some focus bracketing and stacking, something I forget about with landscapes too often. for me the strongest part of this shot is the bottom - that stump and those roots and the other tree branching downward - the bg is really light and eye-grabbing so if it were mine I’d have tried to eliminate as much of that as I could have in the field. Sometimes my tripod just won’t go high enough, lol. Then I’d crop a lot of it out and widen the view on the bottom. Field and processing would probably both come into play to emphasize the bottom of the frame. I’d probably add some saturation as well.

I hope that makes sense. Bits of forest like this are always challenging, but pull me in, too.

The chaos of the forest is forever enticing. Nicely captured, Mark.

Thanks. I have versions that do as you suggest, but they have a very different feel. For this one, I ended up here because I liked the context that the BG (still getting the hang of these acronyms) provides. The intent is to look at the lower and mid-right first then go to the BG.

Thank you!

Wow, fantastic shot and fantastic processing, Mark. A real keeper.

Thanks David. I have more! :slight_smile:

Really like this image Mark. I don’t see much chaos there really. In our bush (forest) it would be impossible to get such a clear shot, so this is like a breath of fresh air to me. Being a moss/lichen/etc lover the mosses that start at the bottom then progress upwards through the image draw me right into the scene.


The quintessential “order from chaos” forest image. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Beautifully seen and captured.


Thank you!

Thanks Lon!

It doesn’t look like an image after lots of processing, so that is a good thing.
A very nice clean view, as @Lon_Overacker commented: “order to chaos”. Well seen and executed. Fine image.

Thank you!