I would appreciate critique on this photo. I like it but it does violate some rules. Is it OK to violate the rules in this instance, does it harm the picture or does it matter. The rules I refer to violating are that it is clearly a “butt shot” and you can only see the eye of one bird. I have to submit a pic for a postcard advertising a show and I am thinking of this one but it may be that I just love the “moment” and am not evaluating it correctly.

The technical may be irrelevant here but it was shot at 1/1000 sec at f8, 420 mm on a D800, ISO 640, handheld, processed in LR and PS, a little Topaz Detail used selectively on the Avocets.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Rules are meant to be broken. Very touching shot of these two love birds.

Very nice moment you caught here. The detail looks good and there’s a sense of symmetry with the wings. Given the action, the butt shot doesn’t bother me, though the eyeless head looks a bit odd. Overall, a nice shot and I guess it depends what type of show you’re advertising.

This seems appropriate for me to break the rule especially since you still have one eye showing. That really anchors it for me. I think it could benefit a slight CCW rotation. The details look awesome.

A wonderful shot, Kathy, and you did catch the moment. I have no nits with this shot, except…It isn’t mine! :grin:

Emotion for me is a major and essential element of a “great” image. You’ve captured a tender moment and that makes the image special. Yes, it would have been nice if their eyes were showing, but if it is for a show of your work I think a loving pose is more important. Let us know what you decide. Think I might add more room on top with content aware and reduce some of the empty water space on the bottom (just under your signature).