Tent Rocks Canyon

The tent rocks are white hoodoos of a particularly brittle ash tuff. In many instances, their hard-layer cap rocks have vanished and and they have been eroded into perfectly conical shapes, similar to teepees, that vary in height from a few feet to 90 feet.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 16-35mm @ 35mm; f/16 @ 1/50 sec, ISO 100


Very cool, Bob. I’ve never seen images from this area. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, David. It’s a bit off the beaten path yet worth the time and effort. You must go through a narrow slot canyon and climb the hill to get this perspective, but over the years the trail has been improved.

The tent rocks look amazing Bob. They remind me of sharpened pencils. Lovely image!

Thank you Alfredo. Very fat, stubby pencils as were used in the first years of school.

And another Photo of the Day for Outdoor Photographer. A worthy choice of a worthy subject. I’ve never seen anything like this so thanks for bringing it to us. Wild stuff and well depicted.

Thank you, Ms Smith. I often ask locals where unusual/unique or otherwise fascinating landforms, habitats etc. are that I can visit to photograph. I find they are very forthcoming with information, especially Natives when they perceive respect for themselves and their treasured lands. I have other views from Kasha-Kituwe that I plan to post in the future.

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