The catch

Technical details:
Pentax K5, Sigma APO DG 4/100-300mm @138mm, ISO400, f5, 1/1000s

Waiting for white-tailed eagles we practiced a bit with the seagulls, diving for small (pieces of) fish that were thrown in the water to attract the eagles.

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Very nice catch - for both of you!
The water drops are great, but would be sharper with a much faster SS and ISO.
more to suggest - but I now see this is in Galleries, not critiques.

Feel free to do any suggestion, Sandy.
I posted it here and not in the critiques, because this is not a very deliberate shot: as soon as fish is thrown overboard, the frenzy starts. It is almost impossible to crop without the leg, wing or head of another bird in the frame… So maybe one out of twenty images is more or less usable, and I liked this one.
As I said in the original post, we used it to practice for the moments that an eagle comes down with 60-70 km/hr, picking up a large fish, and you need a fast reaction to keep it in the viewfinder (and in focus). Maybe I’ll post a few of these images next time.

Hi Han,

The K5 does very well at Iso’s less than 800 and you produced a very nice image at 400. The frozen water drops are a very nice feature to have in this action image. Well done…Jim