The Come Heres & The Been Heres

When going into heavily photographed locations I always try to come home with something unique. This is my attempt from the Grand Canyon. I was hiking to a sunrise location overlooking the Colorado River when a small red dot appeared on a blank black wall and it stopped me in my tracks. 45 minutes before sunrise and several people were already well into their rim-to-rim attempts.

The clouds were moving rapidly and going into bulb mode for a longer exposure would have left the sky featureless. Thus, a composite shot to retain features in the clouds. 8-ish shots combined in photoshop.

Would you consider this a unique image?

Technical Details

Composite: Yes
30.0 sec (Multiple) @ f/4.0, ISO 200, -1EV, 35mm

It is, but there isn’t a frame of reference for me. It’ just dark mountains with some lights. But it’s mysterious and bold also so on that level it mostly works. This isn’t in critique so I’ll leave it at that.