The Frosted Line - realisation of a vision

I had tried to shoot this scene quite a few times but the light and conditions never played ball. Most of the times I made the trek up to this ridge, I was greeted with flat light. No interest. In fact I had struggled to see how I was going to make it work.

Last week we had a few clear nights where the temperature dropped well below freezing. Up in the mountains the temperature continued to stay this way resulting in quite a deep freeze. This ridge runs east-west with the northern slopes staying frozen and the southern slopes warming slightly. As the sun began to drop (it never really gets that high in wonter here) clouds began to accumulate, on an otherwise clear day, with the sun breaking through every so often.

This is the realistion of a vision: the result of many hours of planning, walking to the same spot and a lot of patience. Hope you enjoy it.

Sony A7ii | Canon 16-35mm F4L
24mm | f/16 | 1/5s | ISO100
Two shots focus stacked


Eugene, Two words – absolutely wonderful. I appreciate your sharing this both for the image as well as the freezing physical feat involved in capturing it. My fingers are getting numb looking at that foreground frost.

This is wonderful work, Eugene. A fantastic image and I enjoyed reading about your efforts to make this image. Thanks!

Eugene, your image makes me feel like standing in the middle of this icy scene. Great composition for me, leading me from the tangible foreground details into the depth.


@Larry_Greenbaum @Nick_Bristol @Peter_Richter Thank you all very much!! :grinning:

That ‘frozen everything’ is beautiful! Nice read about the efforts, you need to know this place to know that this can happen and with the light/warmth doing its thing. A special image in different ways.

The effort and time you put into making your imagination come to life in this scene makes this a special photo. Thank you for sharing this.


This is a stunning image Eugene. I’m glad you went to all of that time and effort so I could see it!

@Ron_Jansen Thanks so much! Yeah, its a spot that loads of climbers walk past but it’s not an obvious place to shoot from. Light only works in certain times of the year. Apologies for taking long to reply. I’ve been away for a while

@SunnySraand @Carol_Nichols It’s a pleasure. Glad you liked it :slight_smile: