The Grain Doesn't Flow Anymore

I revisited this old grain elevator in Idaho and was blessed with good light and interesting skies. I focused on a different perspective to achieve a different image from what I recorded and posted here on NPN previously.
I am also including a monochrome version for comparison.

Technical Details

EF 16-35mm @ 23mm; f/8 @ 1/1250 sec, ISO 400

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Both are great, Bob, but the B&W version really rocks. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, David. I personally prefer the B&W also, but some viewers cannot embrace it.

The black and white definitely works better for this scene, as it helps better induce drama, as well as the color adding nothing to the scene. For those viewers who, as you say, “cannot embrace it,” well - who cares?

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Thank you, Cody. The unknowing cannot interpret a monochrome image as their world can only be “truly represented” in color.