The Grinch

Took this a few months ago in the Barrington tops

Specific Feedback Requested

I’d love to know if there’s anything I can do to help the composition, specifically things I can do the help add mood & contrast between the large tree in the forground.

Also wondering if the light in the top right is too heavy

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
vertical pano manually stitched because PS couldn’t handle it

The mossy roots of this tree are wonderful, and I love the concept of getting them right in the viewers face. I think your processing is very well done, the colors are vibrant, and you have handle the shadow detail and highlights very well. Overall, this results in an image that is dripping with mood.

Yeah just a bit, the URC is bright enough that you could dial it back a bit, and also maybe very slightly dodge the moss a bit more too.

In addition to the URC highlights, I find the perspective distortion of the trees to be enough that it also pulls my eye away from the base of the tree (which is where I assume you want the viewer to look before their eyes drift up). This is maybe not your vision for the image , but I would consider some perspective warping to straighten the trees some.

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I really like this image. The concept of this enormous base dwindling down to the distant trees is great as is the tonality which fades into the distance. The warpness of the perspective is much of the appeal as it exaggerates and makes the message more poignant. I do agree with the bright urc but I can also accept it as a focal point where your eyes end up.

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The perspective of the image really makess this dramatic IMO. Like this image alot. Agree with the RUC commenets.

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Ah, the Grinch is putting his best foot forward! Well seen, and I like the perspective. Not sure what you intended as far as mood and adding contrast, but I think that the Grinch could be more prominent if he was a bit brighter. And the URC might not grab the eye so much if the light was a bit dimmer and the contrast with the really straight tree wasn’t so strong. Here’s my idea. In ACR, I brightened the greens and yellows only, then put a radial filter on the Grinch and warmed him a tad + brought up the shadows so his toes would stand out more. Then put a linear filter on the URC to bring down the exposure, bring up the shadows, and cool it just a bit. The overall idea was to bring the Grinch to the foreground and make that URC recede.