The moment of creation

The end of what I thought would be a wasted morning. Arriving in the Wasatch mountains well before sunrise, I was disappointed and surprised the fog and mist never lifted. After sitting for nearly an hour I decided to drive down the mountain into the valley and the town of Huntsville. Conditions weren’t much better but after nearly another hour the fog lifted if briefly and I captured…a moment of creation.

Fuji X-T2
Fuji 18-55mm


Oh my, what an eye-catching photo. The B&W works so well. and your tone distribution is perfect for me. Patience paid off.

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Thanks Ronald! I was fortunate indeed, could have as easily called it a morning!

This one is exceptional Mark!

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Amazing work Mark. B&W works well here. I like how the sky blends into the land.

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Thanks John! I will say this. It was a long time to capture and I went back to the drying board on this image 3 times and honestly, I’m still not sure I’m done. :frowning:

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Thanks Eva, I’m glad people like it. I’m not sure I’m done…keep finding things to adjust

Another of your stunning BW creations. Every time I see one of yours it inspires me to explore the genre.
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Alan! If I can, you can.

Beautiful Mark, as usual! The opposing pattern in the water and the sky does it for me :stuck_out_tongue: