The road less traveled

canon 70d 25mm

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This scene looks so warm and inviting. I can almost smell fall in the air. I love the golden glow. The dark corner in the lower right seems a little heavy to me, though. I also wonder what cropping a little off the left would do for the photo. This is a photo that I’d like hanging in my living room.

Hi Larry,

I like where you’re going with this one in processing for mood. For me the scene which you’ve presented has an uplifting mood. Fitting for being in a pandemic.

Subjectively I find the colour cast too strong but I find the dreamy processing effective.

Below is another take on the scene which is more neutral colour wise but with the glow effect retained.

Hi Larry - I like the feel you’re going for here. Very warm and dreamy as has been previously stated. There is nearly a monochromatic, or limited color palette that creates a sense of calm to me. My thoughts below may have no relevance whatsoever to the feel or artistic intent you may have…please feel free to ignore my comments if they are not consistent with your vision.

I see the vignette you’ve applied, but to my observation, the (presumed) desired effect may not be coming across. I’m making a leap here, but suspect you’d like to lead the viewers eye deeper into the scene given the lane going centrally and converging as a 1-point perspective in the center of the image.

I really do think this could be successful and the composition is great. However, the low contrast throughout the scene (except for the vignetting) keeps me from being drawn deeper in. So, there may be some value to creating more contrast in the near ground and mid-ground, while leaving the center distant lane brighter in the scene and of lower contrast. While doing so, you’ll be creating a more natural vignette that may seem more realistic and appealing. It is a common “tool” to even intentionally brighten the distant central aspect of a scene such as this to draw the eye through it into the distance.

Regardless, thanks for sharing!

thank you jim… I appreciate the advice… larry

Wonderful, inviting scene, Larry. I can easily drift away staring into this scene, love all the warm tones.