The St Joe

The canyon section of the St Joe River was the most interesting part of our Idaho trip. I stood on the edge of the highway watching my son flyfishing below and wishing I was about 30 years younger as he hopped from rock to rock flinging his fly here and there. This went on for about 3-4 hours and I guess my mind started to absorb the unique beauty of this scene. I came up with this composition which I felt best showed the character of the place.

The canyon walls seemed to have tons of photographic opportunities but somehow my compositions failed to catch how I felt about them. I think that’s because not enough ‘seeing time’ was invested in them.

D810, Tamron 24-70mm, iso64


Igor, This is really a beautiful perspective of the canyon! The shutter speed is perfect to show the crystal clear water and submerged boulders. I think the colors and sharp textures of the wall are a perfect complement to the river. I agree there must have been some wonderful abstracts in those walls but this composition does a great job of taking me to this place! I just noticed one nit…LRC on the bottom border a tip of green brush caught my eye.

The rivers of Idaho are clear, colorful and beautiful with wonderful canyon walls and rocks. They are also great for fishing and whitewater floating. Your image demonstrates the beauty of one of them. Well composed and spot on processing. If it is printed the very top middle twig and the bottom middle small, jutting rock might stand out a bit. The green in LRC mentioned by Alan appears to be a reflection. Not sure. Beautiful.

This is very nice, Igor. Gets my juices flowing for an upcoming fly-fishing trip to Montana next month. Just a beautiful little piece of a wonderful river. I would remove both the green spot and the one small rock on the bottom middle.

Perfect shutter speed Igor, and the pano format works great here.

Beautiful colors, layering, repeating patterns and textures. I would agree with the suggestions above to remove the green spot and rock along the bottom edge, but otherwise, looks quite nice.

Lovely colors and textures here, Igor. The pano crop and the water texture bring to mind the lines of a fish, and I think it very nicely communicates your experience of the place.


Very pleasing image, Igor. Looks like a great place to kill a few hours with a fly rod. Framing and processing look good other than removal of that tuft of foliage in the LRC as previously mentioned.

Really nice. I like how you’ve presented this with the pano crop and the white mat. Comp is excellent also.

Wonderful image, Igor. I also really like the pano crop here. The juxtaposition between the rocks and water really spoke to me here. The water flowing through the image is quite nice. Nicely done!

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This is beautiful Igor. Looks like a fascinating place to relax a while. Only one minor nit and that is the URC draws my eye because it’s so much darker than the remainder of the image. I might crop just about 5-8 % of the top to remove the darkness.

Thank you, @Michael_Lowe, @Dave_Dillemuth, @Jim_Gavin, @Gary_Phillips, @Alan_Kreyger, @Marylynne_Diggs, @Harley_Goldman, @John_Williams, @Bill_Chambers for your comments. And while I have your attention could you please tell me if this square crop is better than the original. I fought over this a lot before posting the original. For a couple of days I thought the square was better, but eventually settled on the original. Was I right?

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Igor, I prefer the original. I like how it emphasizes the length of the canyon and flow of the river.

Bill, is this what you had in mind. Besides the crop there was light coming from left to right. I had applied a exposure gradient darkening the left and now I’m applying a second gradient lightening the right. In both cases however some funky colors have been introduced but hopefully no one will notice but me. Thank you for that observation.

I actually like the square crop better, Igor. It moves my eye vertically rather than fixating on the rock layer.

I like the square version. I can’t quite express why, but it really appeals to me. Only nit is the small bit of rock just to the right of mid bottom as I earlier mentioned. I changed my mind about removing the stick in top, middle.

Most definitely the original post for me. I really like the repeating pattern of the wall and the underwater rocks in the original and overall it just has a better look to my eye.

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I like square crops and they work well framed. My problem with the square here is the dark line on the top right that commands too much attention. In light of that, I prefer the original.