The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

I took this today while walking in the snow with my dog, Barclay. Being a smart border collie, he stopped to gaze at the trees and empty benches in the snow. So, we captured the scene. A secondary title might be No Ice Cream at the Lake Today. As it was snowing, there were a lot of spots in the sky that looked like sensor dirt; they are snow falling. I see that there are still more to remove.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


iPhone 11 taken with ProCamera app in RAW format.

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What a great image! Classic stock image too - even a bit contemporary. All you need is either a single figure sitting on one of the the benches… A jogger in a red sweat outfit, a mom pushing a baby carriage… you get the idea.

I’m wondering if cropping off the tree on the right would improve things? I’d hate to lose any length/width, but the tree on the right doesn’t really match the other trees.

And this is very minor and/or picky, but if mine, I would transform the bottom so the tracks in the road(?) go straight across - just like the short wall above it. Very minor though.

Not really a nature image per se, but regardless, it’s a great image - Your border collie was indeed smart to spot this… :wink:


I agree with Lon’s comments. This has a lonesome, contemplative mood that find quite appealing. While the presence of a person would be interesting, I think this works better without one. As it is, there is a feeling of anticipation that at some time, someone will come along. Net image!

Lon and Preston, thanks for your input. I have made the changes you suggested. How do I straighten both the wall and the snow stripe in the street? When I straighten one the other is on a skew. I tried dragging out the rectangular marquee tool at the bottom of the image, but it did not straighten independently. I agree that the image looks better without the right tree.

As for this being nature, I’d say it is urban nature. Lake Minnetonka in the image has over 90 miles of shoreline in the metro area. Philosophically, I think we should strive for appreciating urban nature. I appreciate your help.

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Sorry for all the repostings here. I think I figured out how to straighten two non-parallel horizontal lines by going to LR transform panel and choosing “guided” and drawing out the two horizontal lines. When I hit return, it seemed to work. Thanks for your help with this image.

The minute I saw this in the list of images I said to myself ‘Chuck Kimberley’. Now that I’ve opened it I see I was not mistaken. And each rework makes it look more like his work. Needless to say I love this image. It’s fertile with subjects to observe and ponder.

Igor, Thanks for your visit and compliment. I continue to learn that it’s often the simplest scenes that make the best images. I don’t know Chuck Kimberley, I tried googling his name, but didn’t come up with much. Thanks again.

I definitely like your repost Larry. Very moody and evocative.

Here is a link to Mr Kimmerle’s new work. You can peruse the rest of his website.

Thanks, Eva. I have learned from my rework with NPN assistance.

Igor, Thanks for your help. I did get into his site - amazing black and white photography.