The upcoming total solar eclipse

April 8, 2024, with totality on a line from SW TX up through northern NY. Here’s the best center line map I’ve found. Zoom in and click anywhere to see everything you need to know at that location.

And here’s the best $10 investment in how to photograph it with a huge range of equipment:

I’ll do everything I can to get well within totality. It is an unbelievable occurrence. I have a post from the last one (2017) in the Nightscape and Astro Forum. It will be a long time until the next chance within the US.

The best historical weather odds are in SW TX and get worse as you go NE. This will be our third and we had amazing luck the first two times. Hope I haven’t used it up.

I’ve had detailed checklists for two previous annular eclipses and two total, and am working on one for my current equipment for this upcoming one. I’ll be tracking, as I did the last one, in order to assemble an HDR of the details as far out in the corona as I can reach before flare from the brightest inner parts swamps out the detail. I did a practice run today, with just the sun (and of course a solar filter).

If you have any thoughts of doing it, get a good solar filter now and start practicing. And a word of warning – at totality it will very suddenly get as dark as a half-full moon – which will look even darker because of the suddenness. Have a headlamp for anything you need to do with the camera or laptop.

I hope anyone interested will post here as a resource for everyone!

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