This is Iceland

This image in north central Iceland was shot through an open car door window while the car was still moving slowly. Because of the background, it is one of my favorite images from my trip to Iceland.
Iceland is a country of incredible beauty and stark contrasts. The fire and ice theme is very clear with the current volcanic activity. But it is not all dark volcanic rock and a never setting sun in June. The hills surrounding Lake Myvatn are covered with golden grasses interspersed with volcanic outcrops. There is moving water, large areas of lake, small waves and lots of bugs.
In this shot of a Eurasian Widgeon, one sees the golden hills and the partially snow covered volcanic outcrops in the far distance. In one image, this shows the beauty of this fascinating country.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 400, 400 plus 1.4X, f7.1, 2500th, 30% of full frame (15 of 50 MP)

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Wow, what a great flight shot. Excellent detail (and from a moving car. Wow, again). I like the story that goes along with the shot.

Beautiful image, David! I’m so glad this one resonates so much for you…encapsulating so much of that land for you.
At 30% of the full frame, the details on this one are really good. Nice job getting him and keeping him in focus. I’m sure he’s a fast flyer!

Hi David,

I agree with you that this is worthy of being a favorite image. Works for me as presented…Jim

I see why you like this one so much, David. It’s a beautiful image and the background has just enough definition to convey the feel of the country without overpowering the bird.

An excellent capture with great separation and still having a sense of environmental context! Details and colors are great! I only have one question: Were you driving the car?

Nice, environmental shot of this Wigeon- which in my experience is not easy to capture in flight. Love the Icelandic mood the image conveys. Cheers, Hans

I love the action and how the duck is flying down with the curve of the hill. Beautiful capture!

beautiful image David! I’m amazed you captured this so well in a moving vehicle. I like everything about it - no nits from me. Nice work!