This morning at the dock: Merganser and Great Blue


ISO 640, f6.3, 1/1600s

ISO 640, f6.3, 1/2500s


I received my new camera yesterday, Canon R7. These are the first shots I have taken with it.

Is this a Common Merganser? Really unusual to see one here - first time at the neighborhood lake for me anyway.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon R7, Sigma 150-600mm C, hand held


I’m not sure what that first one is, Allen. The bill certainly says Merganser, but I don’t know of one with a brown body like that. I love the angle you caught on the heron.

It might be a young hoodie (hooded merganser), but I’m not sure either. Young hoodies have dark eyes. Maybe a hybrid of some kind? The crest isn’t fully developed which it is even in females and the face markings aren’t present for either gender. The bill looks right for a female hoodie. Red-breasted and Commons have red bills in both adults.

Merlin identified it as a Hooded Merganser, so I’d guess a juvenile. A nice shot of one and I like the color of the water. Nice shot of the heron coming at you. Looking forward to your thoughts on the R7.

The first one is lovely, with the blue against green on the water and very pleasing sharpness and tonal detail. I can’t help with ID but I’m pretty sure it’s a duck… The GBH is a wonderful catch with a lovely BG. Looks like you have AF nailed. Looking forward to your impressions of the camera!

Hi Allen
The camera look good, too bad Canon didn’t have this camera ready in Dec. 2021. The worn morning light really helps the Merganser brown coloring. Great low angle. It look like the Blue wants another look at your new camera. The grays and blues are well balanced.