Thread Waisted Wasps

Doing the nasty! Beats whistling while you work…

Camera Info: Nikon D500, Hand held
Lens: VR 300mm f/4E + 1.4x TC
Focal Length: 420mm
Focus Mode: AF-C
AF-Area Mode: Dynamic, 25 points
Aperture: f/10
Shutter Speed: 1/500s
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure Comp.: 0EV
Metering: Spot
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 400
60% of full image
PP in LR/PS CC 2018, Topaz Studio, Camera Raw filter, TK sharpen for web

Oh wow, Phil, this is stunning. Such great color and detail. Nice.

A fine take, Phil. As Shirley says, the colors, especially in the background, and details are great.

Wow Phil, this one is another outstanding nature story. and I love the bokeh of your background, using a 300mm for this has produced some great results.

Excellent detail, perfect comp and BG, and great colours.