Three friends

This could be called as many other milky way shots with tents – Million star hotel. I like to call the shot „Three friends“. Truth to be told, we were 4 on this photography trip and two of us had the privilege to compete in snoring exhibition in one tent. Unfortunately, I suck in the field to create interesting composition so I was a bit creative in the postprocess to create a picture I failed to photograph.

Final picture is created from three main parts:

  1. Milky way (one shot. Wanted to do noise reduction with averaging but clouds made it increadibly hard so I used only one shot and tried to keep it as clean as possible)
  2. Mountains in the distance (one shot during blue hour).
  3. Foreground with tents (I believe 10 shots for noise reduction with averaging applied)

Story behind the shot:
All shots were shot in Landscape orientation and there was too much dead space and almost no interest, so I decided to rework the scene. I realized that Portrait orientation will work much better - moved the tents closer together to get rid of dead space. Than I took mountains from blue hour shot to add a middle ground point of interest and finally, I added Milky way. All shots were captured from almost the same spot and I believe that this image could be created directly in the field. But because this was one of my first “true” phototrips and I was blown away by the Milky way, I simply did not realize that MW is only a topping and I am missing the cake and I totally lacked the vision of what I really want to capture :slight_smile: