Three lakes

An oldie, from a region I love. This is an image of the Pyrenees mountains, looking from the French side to the peaks at the Spanish border. The Spanish side is very different, arid, while the French side is a lush green in most summers. In younger days I hiked several hundred miles here, camping in the mountains. The slides are fading… This one is from the early days of digital photography. The camera wasn’t able to handle the high contrast, this is an HDR of 3 exposures. Nowadays, one would be enough without problem.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Pentax K10D, Pentax 4/16-45mm @21mm, f/8, 3 exposures (0, +/- 2 ev) around 1/200s, ISO200.
The head of my daughter was used as a bean bag.

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I love the story, Han. Beautiful country that we missed in our 6-week visit to France a while back.

Made me laugh out loud at your use of your daughter’s head. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a lovely view Han! Those alpine lakes look so inviting but I’m sure they are filled with freezing water.

Thank you, @David_Bostock and @alfredomora for your kind comments. Yes, the water is cold up there. But a short refreshment is very welcome, when the sun beats on your face and the temperature is over 30C.