Three Musketeers

This is the kind of frame I shoot with a big smile behind the camera.:grinning:

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others. Canon 5D3; 500 mm; 2X; ISO 1000; 1/125 sec. at F 8

Love this image. I love to watch the baby elephants. I adopted 4 from the Sheldrick wildlife trust and was able to visit them on my trip to Kenya.

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They look like they are having a good time playing, Jagdeep. Baby elephants are just too cute. I can image you had a big smile while shooting this shot. Just watching them would have brought the smile, but to actually have them framed up so nicely in your camera is a real bonus. I love this imate too.

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To me, this pic has a ton of emotion. Excellent capture of such a nice moment.