Thunder Struck

Just a little extra reward after a long hike in and waiting for people to clear out from around the base as a Thunderstorm Loomed in on us. I got three acceptable shots that are identical with and without lightning strikes that I was lucky enough to catch just as they popped in. In fact I didn’t even know until I viewed later. 100 iso f/22 1/120" Tripod mounted and CLP. Nothing fancy or schmancy.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)


Wow, James, that is really nice. The bolt of lightening is icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing this.

This would’ve been a great photo were it not fo the very distracting logo, IMHO.

I assure you, when printed in any finish, the Logo Watermark is not there. I only mark what is online.

Watermarks are fine, James, and even recommended on NPN. Sometimes we don’t always notice if the image is in Showcase rather than Critique, and so I’m sure that is the case with Dave Douglass. and his comment above. If you do desire any of your images to be critiqued, then you would submit them to the Critique category.

Apologies. Shirley rightly points out that this is not the place for critiques. Oops.

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Stunning! Great timing, and lighting.