Tidal wave of the dead

In November of each year the Caribbean receives the first cold winter fronts with bad weather. The first storm surge is known as the tidal wave of the dead.

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Technical Details

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Wow, great capture of the water action, Augusto. Did you get wet?

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Outstanding capture and POV Augusto! I like the drama here along with the details in the water. My only suggestion would be to lighten the overall scene just a touch as it looks a little dark; at least to me. I hope you do not mind, but here is a rework with what I was thinking. I hope you did not get wet. :grinning:

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Augusto, this is breath taking. I love the view and you nailed the shutter speed perfectly. The water is smooth yet detailed. I’m curious what shutter speed you used. I do like Ed’s brightening.

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Thanks for your comments. I took the photo with a 200 mm telephoto lens, it is very dangerous to get close to the rocks, they are like knives. So only a little aerosol came to me. The speed I used was 1/13, my experience is that in these types of conditions speeds between 1/10 to 1/15 achieve the effect of spikes in the water. I really liked the ED’s effect of lighting the photo, I’m going to play a little with that by myself,