Tigress in the cannabis

What can be more intoxicating than a tigress in the cannabis ?

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5D3; 70-200 mm; ISO 400; 1/500 sec. at F4.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Well, that’s certainly unique. I’m sure this would go viral among certain demographics. :wink:

Really nice combination of colors. Seeing orange tigers in lush greenery never gets old.


Missed this beautiful photo when it was posted. I really enjoy your tiger(ess) photos. They are very special and always technically right on. This one is no exception. Love everything about it.

Beautiful, Jagdeep. I like how you caught her just emerging. Given the head turn, I think you could get away with cropping a bit off the left to emphasize her even more.