Till Winter Do Us Part

Out and about again with my long lens and my tripod just outside my doorstep to take photos of the fallen maple leaves. I found this scene of this similarly toned leaves pointing towards each other and to my eye, it felt like they were holding hands. One of my favourites from that evening for sure.

Specific Feedback Requested

I do not have any specific requirement. Just want to know of any suggestions on editing that might come to your mind.

Technical Details

3 focus stacked images of ISO 100, f/8, 1/25s, 200mm each. Lightly processed in LR - basic highlights and shadows adjustments, Lens Correction and Calibration, imported to PS for localised contrast adjustments, cleaning the edges, enhancing midtone contrast. Thats about it.

Wonderful detailed image Subhasish! I really like the warm colors and diffused lighting. My only concern is that upper right corner where the dark line of the leaf creates a triangle in the corner. A slight crop would help. I also like your reference to holding hands.

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Thanks a lot Alfredo. Yeah that line was a bit distracting to me as well, but kept it too see if others also feel the same way. Will try to crop it, or maybe clone it out as I love the symmetry of the leaves in this. The holding hands thing attracted me to this small scene. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

Oh, this is lovely! And right outside your door - well done. I love the weathered texture of the leaves and the detail of the veining is gorgeous. I see a couple of little things that are really nit-picky, but (IMO) would elevate this photo even more.

There are two spots where a bit of “gardening” would have benefited the shot as far as negative space issues (circled in blue). The upper one has just a tiny bit of space between the leaves - I think either eliminating that or making the space larger would have been good. The lower one also has just a tad of space, with the point of one leaf touching the other. Moving that lower right leaf just a bit to the right would have put the point of the upper left leaf in the “v” of the lower leaf, making for an interesting shape in a negative space.



Wonderful, intimate autumn maple composition. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your previous, but I much prefer this one without the specular highlights.

This is excellent as framed and captured. I wonder as an alternate what a crom might do. There are some great patterns and I like the overlapping (I’m not bothered by the slight misses in overlap, although once pointed out I suppose you could address. no biggie.)

As an alternate crop, this square version I think emphasizes the red-lined leaf as an anchor or focal point, even though from a space and volume perspective the upper leaf dominates. Either way, I’m really enjoying this arrangment of patterns and color.

Just for a thought:

Gorgeous!! The soft light here gives nice separation to the leaves. The two areas @Bonnie_Lampley mentioned could probably be dealt with by cloning, but I don’t find them distracting. I think there is a slightly looser crop worth considering, too – from the right to just remove the diagonal leaf vein in the UR. I really like the slightly different yellows in the two leaves. Well seen and presented!

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Thank you so much @Lon_Overacker, @Bonnie_Lampley and @Diane_Miller. Really appreciate you taking the time to go over this image. I will look into the crop properly, I really like this crop a lot, so probably will try and darken or maybe clone those lines in the URC. Thanks again. After that day, I have explored these fallen leaves in another area of my front yard, and I have a couple of photos that I am really happy with.