Time to Reflect

No doubt we are all in uncharted territory dealing with a worldwide health crisis. I hope you are all well and are doing your part to help minimize the spread of the virus.
The title of this image was dreamed up several weeks ago, but seems so appropriate now. Even with the hardships still to come, I firmly believe we will reflect on this time and in many ways it will make a stronger as a country and as a global community.
This photo taken near the Vermillion Cliffs Nat’l Monument in northern Arizona. I’ve posted several images over the years from this remote area that truly is otherworldly!

Best to ya!


Great image! I love the overall composition, but the quality of light and water reflections are noteworthy. This location is otherworldly, yet this shot makes it feel inviting not foreboding. Nice work.

That is just beautiful! I hope you’re right about our coming together in strength as a global community.

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I appreciate the kind words!

Excellent title Ken! Beautiful capture of reflections. Wonder color as well. I’m sitting there now decompressing. Thanks!

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Splendid! I especially like the fact that the pond is in shade, and its water reflect the rocks in full sunshine. Spectacular place and enchanting image.

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Thanks all for spending the time to comment as it’s really appreciated!

Kudos for posting a great image and some very wise words.

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