Tiptoe Through the Tulip

After the rain this crab spider, held safely by its safety rope, gingerly explores a tulip.

Specific Feedback Requested

I thought of using flash to get the spider sharper, but even when diffused I thought that I’d get too many reflections. So I closed the aperture to f29 and upped the ISO to 4000. Did I get away with it?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm f2.8 micro lens, 1/250, f29, ISO 4000 with Raynox 250 close-up lens. Hand-held.

I just love the color combo in this image, and those rain drops are a nice addition as well. Very nice.

Mike I like the color combination here. Usually with my raynox, u get to f 18 or so, and there after I loose a lot of light, and image gets softer as well. With the macro, I do not go beyond 800 ISO, well it also depends on the light. …my thoughts, my not apply directly on your approach though…

Nice image anyways
Balan Vinod

I like this image. Colors are excellent and you caught the spider trying to position itself. Although many photographers complain about softening due to diffraction at small diameter lens apertures, the sharpening routines take care of the issue as you had done here. I like it as presented. Well done…Jim