To everything, there is a season

Just cruising around an abandoned section of an Air Force Base looking for birds or other wildlife when I came upon this partially felled tree so I got out the WA lens and IR filter.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything - I slightly altered the typical IR rendering and wonder if it works for others.

Technical Details

D500, 17-35 @28mm, f/8, 8 seconds, ISO 100
I dinked with this one in ACR presets, TK8, SEP2 and Photoshop. I wanted a softer, more moody look.

Fallen trees always get to me. It’s hard to not feel bad for them though it’s part of their normal lifecycle. This feels a bit unfocused to me. There’s so much undergrowth and I’m not sure exactly what it’s saying to me other than look at me. Ditto the sky. Was there a way to get closer to the stump? Having it be a looming presence might have had the effect you were going for, but that would have meant getting into all the bushes. Everything appears soft to me as well. I can’t see any sharp focus. Is that a side effect of IR? I’m not familiar with IR much at all.

Hi Kristen. Soft is the nature of the beast in IR. This one is perhaps a bit too soft and I plan to go back and do a reshoot, soon, taking my mini-chain saw to clear away some of the foreground foliage…I’ve also developed some better conversions techniques which should serve to preserve more and sharper detail.
I was going for a moody, if not noir-ish feel. I use a filtered camera setup, not a converted camera which requires long exposures (6 sec or more), thus if there is any wind, it will show, especially noticeable in clouds. I am currently experimenting with using a variable ND filter in conjunction with the 720 nano IR filter to over-accentuate cloud movement, though with very stationary foreground subjects.

Thanks for the info Chris. I had no idea, but it explains a lot. And I know what you mean about going back with chainsaws. That might be in my future as well. I just got my own Ice Age Trail Segment to maintain. Volunteers do all the trailwork so it’s divided up into 2-mile bits for inspection and maintenance. I admit that my maintenance might be with an eye toward better photos. :grin:

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, well, there is that. :crazy_face:

My chainsaw is a little electric job but good up to a 2 inch limb.