Torc waterfall, Killarney national parc ,Ireland

Lately I see some waterfalls by others . I came across this forgotten image (2016 ireland) It’s one of the very few waterfalls I ever made an image of. I am curious what you find of the result.


Specific Feedback Requested: All feedback is so welcome!!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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You really need to be shooting more waterfalls Ben, this is a darn good one. I like the zig-zag change in direction of the stream . You have made good use of the surrounding forest to effectively frame the waterfall. The green colors look very vibrant and natural to me. If you are going to find great green colors, where else but Ireland :shamrock:

My only suggestion for a tweak would be to burn the rocks along the bottom edge, and the bright patch in the LLC. But that’s a nitpick, overall this is a fine waterfall image.

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I can’t agree more that this is a very very fine waterfall image. My only suggestion is a slight burn on the lower left corner, but other than that I think you nailed this one.

This is certainly a fine waterfall image, Ben. The falls is really nice and the surrounding forest makes for a great setting. I agree burning the lower left corner a bit would help and hold the eye in the frame as well. Very nice!

This is lovely, Ben. I am so used to seeing your beautiful woodland scenes I had to look twice when I saw that this was yours. The greens are fantastic as is the zig -zag of the falls. As @Ed_McGuirk already said “you really need to be shooting more waterfalls”. Other than the already mentioned LLC I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am new to the network so nice to meet you. I agree with the other critiques and would also say that in scrolling through the images yours grabbed my attention. I know it’s very much subjective and dependent on the photographer’s intent, but I do really like the shutter speed you selected to show some movement in the water without it becoming a blur.

This is a fine waterfall image and well composed. It’s a pretty complex vision. Waterfall images are usually vertical because of the nature of the subject. I’m wondering whether the comp would be stronger with some cropping of the green off the right side. I can understand why you wanted to include the entire boulder at the bottom but I would crop aggressively into it.

I agree the shutter speed is optimal. I also like the overhanging tree in the ulc. In fact the overall arrangement of the water in this cascade is very beautiful.

@Adhika_Lie , @Ed_Lowe , @DeanRoyer , @Nick_Bristol , @Ed_McGuirk , @Igor_Doncov ,I am glad you all liked this image and gave me some good suggestions .I have to go back to Ireland now to find some more waterfalls. Thank you !!