Tossed and Turned

The Pacific Ocean can be wild and wooley, raging and tossing everything around in its path. This was one such late afternoon in Oregon, and the tides and winds combined to form the most unusual waves. I saw this element and waited until the right combination came along. It was, and always is, an exercise in patience, or what we call the ā€œPā€ word. The result was a wave mimicking the surrounding sea stacks.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 on a Really Right Stuff tripod and head.

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This is beautiful Margo, in this case the ā€œPā€ word paid off big time. Not only does the wave mimic the shape of the sea stack, but you could not have asked for the wave to be placed in a better spot. Iā€™m really enjoying your processing of the back-lighting here, it is so soft and warm.

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Thank you, Ed. As you said, it was all about the light and the ā€œPā€ word! If we can teach photographers anything, it is looking for the light and not being in a hurry. As it was, I waited for the one click of the shutter.

Gotta love that light catching the offshore spray! Really digging the high contrast look to this.

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We have been traveling a lot and preparing for future workshops, so I apologize for missing your comment. Thank you, and it was worth waiting for this image. I saw it happen once and figured that sooner or later, it would happen again. I waited ā€¦ and waited ā€¦ and waited. Just one click of the shutter was all I needed. Patience pays off!